Purchase Orders Software

Purchase Order software for tracking supplier orders and receipts.

  • Multi-currency and multi-warehouse
  • Multiple receipts allowed per purchase order
  • Purchase using vendor's item number and unit of measure
  • Multiple vendors and sizes per item, compare costs, set preference
  • Purchase Order Status Report, Purchase Order Detail and much more...

Purchase orders may be entered as Work Sheets if you are not yet ready to order. Then when ready to order, you can change the order status to On Order. Or purchase orders may be entered directly as On Order.

Purchase orders have the vendor’s item no. and description, and may be a different unit of measure from your item. The vendor item table stores your item number and description for each vendor item, and the quantity per vendor’s item. example 12 if the vendor sells the item by the case of 12. You can specify alternate vendors and/or sizes for purchasing each of your items, view unit costs converted to your currency and unit of measure, and indicate your preference.

Purchase orders may be faxed (via your faxing software) or printed for sending to the supplier.

Receipt items default to fully received, so only exceptions require entry.

The Quantity Available Report facilitates scheduling of shipments, purchasing and manufacturing by showing current inventory levels, sales orders, purchase orders and manufacturing orders.

An integrated phone dialer is available by right-clicking on vendors, purchase orders, or receipts.