Multicurrency Accounting Inventory Manufacturing Software

JD1 Enterprise with Manufacturing multicurrency accounting software facilitates buying and selling internationally. JD1 multicurrency accounting software allows you to trade in multiple currencies while your books remain in domestic currency.

The Open Payables report, Aged Payables reports, and AP Invoices list allow currency selection, so you can see how much you owe in each currency. Similarly the Aged Receivables reports and AR Invoices list show how much is owed to you. The multicurrency reports also show foreign currencies converted to domestic.

You set up at least one bank account for each of the currencies you deal in. The Bank Book shows transactions and balances for each account. Foreign currency accounts are converted to domestic by auto-reversing JV prior to printing financial statements.

The accounts payable has an option to AutoCreate cheques for all invoices due for a selected currency. When printing cheques you select the appropriate bank account.

The general ledger shows revenue and expenses converted from foreign currency to domestic. Gain or loss due to exchange rate fluctuations is tracked automatically.

The default selling price is automatically converted to the customer's currency.

Foreign currency inventory purchases are converted to domestic currency when updating inventory costs.

The sales analysis reports and sales history screen show foreign currency sales converted to domestic currency using the exchange rates when the invoices were posted.

The sample data illustrates multicurrency operation.