Manufacturing Software

The Manufacturing software tracks manufacturing orders, MRP ERP material and resource (labour and equipment) requirement planning, WIP (work in process), production costs, prints bills of materials, and passes data to the inventory software.

  • Unlimited number of materials and resources (labour and equipment) per product
  • Optional automatic depletion of component material inventory
  • Or entry of actual usage with variance tracking
  • Manufacturing order status report, material and resource planning reports and much more...

Manufacturing orders default to the product standard component items and resources (labour and equipment), which you can then override for substitutions or running on a different machine if one is overbooked, or for manufacturing a custom product.

Bills of Materials may be printed for the manufacturing personnel showing the materials and resources to be used.

Receipts default using data from the manufacturing order, so only exceptions require entry, such as unplanned substitutions or differences in the quantities of materials or resources used.

The Quantity Available MRP (Material Requirement Planning) Report facilitates scheduling of shipments, purchasing and manufacturing by showing current inventory levels, sales orders, purchase orders and manufacturing orders.

The ERP Resource Scheduling report facilitates scheduling labour and equipment by showing the total hours required for each resource per day based on the outstanding manufacturing orders.

The Material and Resource Usage reports show standard and actual usage and variances for materials and resources, by order or summarized by item. These facilitate the monitoring of production costs, tracking quantity variances and substitutions, tracking WIP (work in process), and setting of accurate product standards.

The Resource Usage Summary report facilitates setting the standard cost per hour for equipment by showing the total hours used for each resource for the selected time period.

JD1 Enterprise with Manufacturing comes with sample data illustrating how the program can be used by a food manufacturing company, purchasing raw and packaging materials and manufacturing cases of food products for wholesale distribution. JD1 is also suitable for companies manufacturing other types of products.